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a solid foundation of profession

have well-knit professional basic knowledge

本人专业基础理论扎实,学术水平高,钻研精神强 I have solid professional basic theory, academic level is high, strong spirit

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Over the past 3 years,I have acquired sturdy professional fundamentals,with the teachers's fine cultivating and my own efforts.

have solid foundation of accounting theory

1、行政管理专业的英文是: Administration specialty;2、翻译“我的专业是行政管理”:My specialty is the administration. 扩展资料: 一、行政管理专业的职能发展:从行政管理过程来看,它主要有四项基本职能。 1、计划。包括制定计划、下达...

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不用谢,这是我应该做的英文翻译是 You're welcome. This is what I should do. 重点词汇 you're welcome 不用客气 扩展例句1、You're welcome. I'm glad we're finally finished. 不客气,很高兴我们总算完成了。 2、You're welcome. I wish I ...

解决行业痛点 to solve the bottleneck of the industry bottleneck n. 瓶颈;障碍物,可以用于痛点。比较专业

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