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'我答应了他' 用英文怎么写哦

'我答应了他' 英文:I promised him. 例句:I promised him that I could stop in to see him today. 我答应他,我今天会停下来看他。 重点词汇:promise 英 [ˈprɒmɪs] 美 [ˈprɑ:mɪs] vt.允诺,许诺;给人以…的指望或希...

I promise or I swear.

那得看你是接受还是拒绝了 !个人感觉“HEHE”是通用的

你好! 答应 promise 英[ˈprɒmɪs] 美[ˈprɑ:mɪs] vt. 允诺,许诺; 给人以…的指望或希望; vi. 许诺; 有指望,有前途; n. 许诺; 希望,指望; 允诺的东西; [例句]The post office has promised to resume first class mail ...

我答应了朋友。 I have made a promise to my friend. I've promised my friend.

He promised to help us.

If yes, say yes. No, say no. That's all. =>yes可以理解为“是”或者答应

当我答应帮他忙时,他立刻高兴起来。 可翻译为: When I promised to help him, he became very happy at once.

起初我不同意他的建议, 但是后来我改变了想法并且答应了 I disagreed his suggestion at first, but later I changed my mind and agreed.

你就答应他吧: You agree with him.

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