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You always give yourself in trouble

do not trouble trouble till trouble troubles you. 一直记得这句话,是初中老师教的

if you let him stay in your home,you are asking for trouble yourself.

You're making trouble if you keep him at your home.

It is none of your business. Don't ask for trouble. 翻译解析: 1.与你无关,可以翻译成It has nothing to do with you.但 it's none of your business 更地道些。 2.自找麻烦的翻译是:ask for trouble. 希望能帮到你O(∩_∩)O

Trudy was clumsy. She always made mistakes. Nobody liked her. One day Trudy broke a vase, but instead of blaming her, the hostess Mrs. Willow forgave her and helped her get rid of carelessness. Trudy became more confident and n...

等待多么乏味, It's so boring in waiting. 我缺乏耐心, I lack patience. 我以后不找麻烦了, I won't want to have any trouble. 不搭理某人了, I won't have anything to do with XXX.

I promiss that I'll make no more troubles to you.

特鲁迪是个笨拙的小女孩,经常被别人嘲笑。艺术课开始了,她跟丽萨坐在一起。特鲁迪不停地找麻烦,找麻烦,再找麻烦。午饭时间,她又找麻烦了。回家路上,她继续找麻烦。她妈妈病了。接下来会发生什么呢? 她妈妈感冒了。妈妈想让她做什么呢?她...

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