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"BE grAtEFul to For"这短语是什么意思?

“be grateful to for”这短语的意思是:因…而对某人感激 造句: 1.She's grateful to me for helping. 她感谢我的帮助。 2.And think of here, and here all my attention, they will be grateful to them for me 想起和这里,和这里一切关照过我...

优择雅思为您解答: be grateful for 对……心存感激 [短语] be grateful for 感谢,感激,对…心存感激 be deeply grateful for 感激别人所给的恩德 be sincerely grateful for 感激爱戴 be grateful to 感谢,感激 [短语] be grateful to sb.感谢,...

不要抠字眼,不定式做后置定语,要求不定式本身(无论是一个词还是短语)能连接上被修饰词,也就是be grateful for something要成立,没有for显然连不起来


望楼主采纳:-)聊天室常用英语一、(打招呼/问好) 1. What a long sleepless night! I thought I was the only sleepless. So are you! 长夜漫漫无心睡眠,我以为只有我睡不着觉,原来你也睡不着啊! 2. This is my first time to be in the cha...

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