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ゞ低頁厘喟垓韮航 厘氏喟垓芝廖低議 〃宸鞘三喘晩囂奕担傍椿晋鍬咎低和濛 仍仍阻

埴はずっと暴の隆膳であり、暴は埴の並を喟垓に梨れられない。 晩猟戦音傍芝廖遇傍音氏梨芝。

Da Niu, you are my forever lover, my only concern.

You are my worry that I can't always put down.

i am always miss/care about you

will i be the one in your heart will i be the one

My dear, you are the person who I worry about in m

牌握議右唄:伏晩酔赤,低頁厘断伉戦喟垓議韮航,喟垓握低!翌囂鍬咎Dear baby: happy

It' me who cares about you./I am the one who c

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