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I will love ..............

fall in love with sb.

对某人的爱 Love for someone 英 [ˈsʌmwʌn] 美 [ˈsʌmˌwʌn, -wən] pron. 某人,有人; n. 某个人;

I LOVE MY ...DEEPLY,BUT,I FIND I LOVE YOU MORE 我深爱着我的。。。(自行补充),但是,我发现我更爱你。 选自《贵族大盗》,是我比较喜欢的一个

Love someone so deeply

I fall in love with a city becasue there is a man living in it

I seem to have fallen in love with a man whose name is Liang Mengen 我好像爱上了一个人他的名字叫梁梦恩

Don't fall in love with a guy easily,let it go,forget it

I have been in love with a girl deeply.

We always love a person ignoring the whole world at the wrong time and at the wrong place. Then we have to take our whole life to get it away from our memories.

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