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ten to nine half past seven

at eight/ at eight o'clock


用英语来说应该是: Please wake me up at eight o 'clock 希望能帮上楼主解决出问题

在八点钟的英文:at eight o'clock eight o'clock 英 [et klk] 美 [et klk] 八点钟 1、I overslept and we made it at eight o'clock. 我睡过头了,而且我们约好八点的. 2、When you come tonight at eight o'clock, she will have arrived home.

it's eight o'clock am now

I have class at 8 o'clock 希望能帮到你,望采纳

定到八点钟 Up until eight o'clock

可以读成Half past eight am.或者 eight thirty am.

eight thirty

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