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把下列句子翻译成英文。 1. 现在我可以步行去上班,而不必开车了

1 Now I can go to work on foot, no need to drive there.2 She is not in the list of team members because of injury.3 Friendship can't be measured with money.4 Driving under the influence of alcohol(DUI) usually results in severe accidents.

Now I can walk to work instead of driving

1.翻译:你决定假期去哪儿了吗? Have you decided where to go for your holiday?2.翻译:我走路上班,而不是开车 I walk to work instead of driving a car. 3.连词成句:David,admit,being,because,ill,to,work,hard

In terms of sports,walk to work every day instead of driving or taking a bus.【俊狼猎英】为您解答.请尽快采纳.

为父母的健 康提建议:要走路去上班,而不是开 车或坐车;每周至少去体育馆锻炼一 次,或打球,或游泳;饮食要健康; 不要工作太晚,早点休息.

用两种方式翻译下列句子 1.艾丽斯每天走路去上学 Alice walks to school every day(我写的,不要改walking,不是现在进行时Alice goes to school on foot every day.2.汤姆

[图文] 7、现在越来越多的家庭都拥有私家车. Nowadays more and more families . 8、这家商店三年前就倒闭了. The shop three years ago. 翻译下列词组 1. 一位特邀 客人_2. 一个特别奖 3. 一个很棒的住处 4.

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