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give me a break 译为您省省吧就等于拜托

come on!!!比如你让别人帮你忙,人家不愿意,你就可以说,i really need your help,(just do it ),come on!

request. 望采纳.

拜托在中文有两个基本意思,1.央求别人做事情please确实是用来央求他人最常用的词,通常会拖长这个音后面,还可以加上 do me a favor2. 拜托还表示,别人说的不是那么一回事,故用 “come on” 补充的就是第二个意思.Are u good at history?Oh,come on! I major in science.译文来自super

excuse me!是打扰,麻烦的意思.


machididi you good `I called Andrea the `hope to be able to make friend ` with you I this time are want to help your mainland bean or sweet potato starch noodles to convey some words ` they saying that they liked your `hoping you sent new special

拜托了在英文里是翻译不出来的,只有PleasePlease don't in here 请不要来这里Please的语气要加重Please you don't come here 请你(您)不要来这里同样,Please you要加重语气

In the face "can not love their country" or "can not afford to lose comic" The insulting character of the problem, I will say loudly 我的英语并不是very good,怕误导你,所以用了翻译软件.你看一下有没有问题?(*^__^*) 楼下的,我就是用GOOGLE啊. 这个是金山爱词霸,这个更好,可是最近不知道有没有问题.

呵呵,那就全靠你哦!So, I count it all on you!

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