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In today's world of the automotive industry has developed into a leaping across countries, industry, spanning cultures of the world's largest industries, is indispensable in modern society and civilization, while sightseeing of chapter tour industry in

Chain stores and distribution centers in this paper the location of the home appliance industry. First of all, the home appliance industry chain and distribution center of the research background, concept, characteristic, form and distribution center of

在泵行业,很多我们的工作涉及两个极其简单,但却能高效的机型---离心泵和交流感应电动机. 离心泵可以将机械能转换成液压(流量、速度和压力)能源和交流电动机将电能转化为机械能. 很多中小型企业和大型离心型)提供了提高效率的75-90%,甚至较小的通常可以分到50-70%的范围内.

应该是指“一百年一见的母亲”according to my six sense as a woman

这个句子是个长句,翻译时要结合表达习惯将长句拆分: 很明显中国的市场体系相对开放,却把自己标榜为共产主义国家,我是在看不出这有什么意义.

Hi everyone, I am the organiser of this family skiing activity. The activity this time aim to provide a platform for each family to communicate with their family members. Hope that all parents could take good care of their children, and other members of

In the passing of time continuously, the life now flatly light is also good, just when they have or will think about the future, want to do in the future a qualified engineers, walk the road design, may this way is very difficult, but I'm also very hard in to learn

The slang is one special language form, since long ago, people to slang definition unification standard standard."American Tradition Dictionary" to slang definition: The slang is one kind unofficial, in the game words one language, basically by

so that 是个结果从句,意思是“这样, 你就不会太失望了“

Summary : Li bihua is Hong Kong women writers of great personal creative characteristics of literary circles, her novels are mostly taken from classical Chinese historical legend or folklore, take the form of new stories, writing desperately in love love

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