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There is no expression of symbolism or other derived connotations one would take away from other buildings in their materiality. 译文:没有任何象征或其他衍生的内涵可以从其他建筑中获得。

According to the checking result from DHL, these samples will get to New York in the morning of next Monday or Tuesday if everythink is OK. Please let us have the detailed address and phone number of the recipient.

We are inspecting the products of Order A982 today, but we still have a question for your confirmation. Can you accept the change? Please confirm it today, then we can arrange the shipment this week.

Dea Mr. Shelly, The attached document is the parameter of our company's product, please be so kind to confirm whether it is in accordance with your company's requirement. Also the price of these products are as follow: Model, U...

准备大的脑子比较敏感,比小的大脑发育的刺激,他们需要更多帮助塑造他们的发挥长大成人。“我认为它是与学习的重要性,并与环境数据传送到大脑的发育过程中,”他says.引号里面的句子 2。提供关于身体周围玩输入

OK, please deal with it as soon as possible.

爱着我们的人和我们爱着的人都会守护在我们身边。 우리를 사랑하는 사람과 우리가 사랑하는 사람이 모ለ...

在你明白事实之前,外交是一门表面工夫很好的艺术.(人工 别抄袭)

宴会一藉此表现, 保证而且从事那, 当做有效的日期: (a) 它是一个独立的合法人,的确组织, 正当现有的和在好持续在它的建立或结合的地方的法律之下; (b) 它的董事会或理事会已经采取授权如此的宴会参与这协议所需的所有行动,而且签字被到此为止附...

방금 티비에서는 한 집에 화제가 일어났는데 개는 주인과 옆에있는 &#...

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