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准备大的脑子比较敏感,比小的大脑发育的刺激,他们需要更多帮助塑造他们的发挥长大成人。“我认为它是与学习的重要性,并与环境数据传送到大脑的发育过程中,”他says.引号里面的句子 2。提供关于身体周围玩输入

The moral of this passage is to be kind to help the weak who need assistance and not to look down upon them. Perhaps, some day, you will get a good return from them unexpectedly when you encounter hard times.

◎ 痛苦纠聚心中,眉心发烫发热,胸口郁闷难展,胃里一股气冲喉而上。 本句描写院长的心情,可以用多种手段翻译—— 1、把 “痛苦纠聚心中”作为句子主体,其他意思独立用主格结构作为陪衬性状语。用汉语表述就是“痛苦在院长心中纠结,他的眉心发烫发...


你每年工资发13个月的,第一年按比例(每月)开支; 净工资(税后)每个月5号发给你

诠释18世纪的政治家Edmund Burke的话:“一个误入歧途的事业要想成功的唯一要素就是好人都无所作为。”现在就有这样的一个事业企图终止生物医学研究,基于动物有权不参与研究的理论。

I just re-confirmed with the factory, the factory, but at least an acceptable amount of your 6000. Modify the invoice to you is to re-confirm, please arrange payment as soon as possible

1. 你的say 和 violate没冲突。因为say后面可以加一个完整句子。但是你整句这样讲不太通顺。。。我个人翻译: people who opposed it strongly claimed that it had violated ppl's basic working rights. 2. 和第一个一样,think后面也可以加句...

第二行英语 AUTHENTICITY CERTIFICATE CARD 可信赖性 证明书 卡 大概是质检卡之类的……

I'm sorry to inform you that the goods won't be ready until the 12th of this month. Could you please help us to check whether there is any change about the shipping date? Could you also help us to check all these POs? I'm a bit...

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