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帮忙翻译一个句子~谢谢~ 在线等~

Organizations to develop and improve the school system of recruitment, salaries and benefits system, training system.

Attention:The authorized dealer serves a station a representative directorIn the meantime, the service station should establish specially assigned to be responsible for to launch this work immediately.In order to make that work go on wheel, reiterate


whenever i walk with two other men , i can find teachers in them . i can learn from their qualities , and correct those faults in which are like theirs. 三人行,必有我师.择其善者而从之,其不善者而改之. 白话就是,三个人同行,在他们中间总会有我的老师.我可以学习他们的优点,还可以改正自身的就像他们身上的一些缺点.



Children in the eyes of love Seemingly silly expression from islets truest most sincere heart. When people fall in love with you, the way he said your name is not the same. You will know your name out of his mouth that felt great. Love is the girl wiped

The professor was hurt from an car accident and got some operations in a hospital nearby. As his body was better day by day, his emotion changed apparently. Now he's n

1 Does the company quality policies meet one of the following standards: ISO 9000 (1994 or 2000), QS9000, or TL9000?公司的质量方针符合以下标准:ISO 9000(1994或2000)、QS9000、或TL9000之一吗?2 Does the company's have

他的父亲经常因为他上网吧的事情责骂他翻译为:His father always scolds him because he spends two much time in the internet bar.

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