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帮忙翻译一下 请你在以下文件上签名并盖章 谢谢合作

Please sign and stamp on these documents. Thank you for your cooperation有帮助请采纳~不懂欢迎追问~


please check the file at the attachment i enclosed.或者说 please find the file at the attachment.

Please kindly arrange chop on the enclosed two documents and revert them to me,thank you!


The contract shall become effective[or come into force] upon signature of both parties. 《个人观点,仅供参考》

StampBy the way, it will be even more perfect if you would let me know where to stamp and what kind of stamp is needed when there is any documents need to be stamped. Thanks!

请你在这里签名,=> please sign at here.sign at here, please.

你好!我昨天发给你的需要盖章的文件,章盖好了吗 Has the document which I sent to you been stamped yet ? 楼上的不对,signed 是签字的意思.如有疑问,请追问.


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