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主句只有主语However, Many historic sites (such as Hutong may be taken apart, or the old houses may be changed a lot by fixing air conditoners.)整个such as 都是作为从句.应该加个谓语动词,再举such as 胡同怎样怎样,老房子怎样怎样.如果他是插入such as Hutong ,may be taken apart作为主句的系动词和表语,翻译出来又不会通顺.所以是主句缺少谓语动词..或者在后面加上,they may be,,,

1. When doing his daily work in English? 2. Days following a heavy rain? 3. He intends to go to the airport tomorrow, then friends (meet) 4. Who is there to play football? 5. He often English-language books on the table gave him 6. Why did his father


1:the programs benefit students who are home-bound, live long distances from the on-site campus ,and have busy lives dealing with family ,professional ,and other responsibilities

首先no cross,no crown译为: 吃得苦中苦,方为人上人. 不经历风雨,怎能见彩虹 . 在不同的句子当中,翻译是不同的. 没有挫折,何来辉煌. 最后这句是 英国海军上将佩恩说过的句子当中包括的: No pain,no palm;no thorns,no throne;no gall,no glory;no cross ,no crown . 译为:没有播种,何来收获;没有辛劳,何来成功;没有磨难,何来荣耀;没有挫折,何来辉煌. I don't think翻译为:我认为……不…… 所以 你会翻译了吧 of Coure i can't understand:译为当然,我不明白;我不理解.

1、At this point in their development toddlers begin to diverge from one another in their overall sensitivity to other people's emotional upsets, with some, like Jenny, keenly aware and others tuning

跪求帮忙翻译英语句子1.In the six-and-one half years since the federal government began certifying food as"organic,"Americans have taken to the idea with considerable enthusiasm.2.To eat well,says Mic

该句意为:如果不是飞行,对运动力学的兴趣是一个家族传统. 成分分析:原句属“主系表”结构(S+V+P) 其中:Interest in the mechanics of movement 是主语,介词短语in the mechanics of the novement作定语修饰中心词interest. was a family tradition 系动词was后接名词词组a family tradi

1.wait a minute, i am going to your room right now.2.if you need something, call 8088, we will be glad to help如果您需要用的场合不一样,可能需要的翻译也不一样上面两句话都是根据字面翻译的,不够正式和专业建议找一些专业人士祝您好运!

Disclaim 放弃.否认 Disclaimer放弃的人.否认的人as is象这样

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