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1.Making some plans to work in an old people's home this summer. 2.Yes,he did.Last summer. 3.Reading the newspaper and talking to the old people. 4.We should listen for them and care for them.

1、Passengers are kindly reminded not to smoke in the bus. 2、If you want to do this job well,you must speak English well. - 句子是完整的

2015年高考志愿填报考生应该选择易报考的专业和院校! a如果你想直接获得填报结果肯定是需要付钱的 b要么只能免费咨询一些问题~~

balcony estate cupboard armchair chose C A C A B D C C A C D B B C A C E D F B agency tide living biggest safely haven't yet How is big enough How often Where have the men put the removal table?

survive e but what is really good.


正确的句子应该为: 1 Having missed the lessons for a week, he needed a written excuse . 2 Not knowing his name, I found it difficult to introduce him. 3 Stuck in the mud, the car had to be pushed. 4 As soon as the football star...


B;B;A;A strong, cold, a lot of, get lost, finds

老太太如今已经八十岁了。她穿上了自己最好的衣服。迈拉可能会来。不管怎么说,八十大寿毕竟非同一般,你又活了十年,或者说又熬过了十年,是活是熬,全在于你怎么看了。 即便迈拉不来了,她也会寄一份礼物来。老太太确信这一点。脸颊上的两片红晕...

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