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Please kindly arrange chop on the enclosed two documents and revert them to me,thank you!

have you stamped the documents which i sent you yesterday?其实之所以翻译出来很别扭,是因为我们总是有一个观念那就是字字都要翻译出来,其实很多时候,我们根本不需要这样,比如这句话“章盖好了吗”,我们不用说have you stamped yet?而用have you done?你做了吗?对方当然理解是说 你盖了吗.

Prepare A, B two documents, Each document should be prepared in triplicate.

译为:用同样的署名落款 将文件公开

please check the file at the attachment i enclosed.或者说 please find the file at the attachment.

没有税制的情况下 很难明白是主体对市场失败还是较大地供应不足 under-provided 供应不足

We received your letter, this is your need, we are sending you. Related content in annex. I wish you have a nice day!希望可以帮到你~O(∩_∩)O~

请帮忙把这些发票盖章寄给客户 和以前一样 谢谢please send these invoices with stamp to clients as it had done before, thank you.

附件为十二月的报表,请查收,谢谢Enclosed please find the report of December. Thank you.


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