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Walking in the dark to see the light, 游走在黑暗之中而光明忽现 Like a beacon to bring me out of here.如灯塔般指引驶出(黑暗之海) But Angels Angels , 但 天使啊 You do not know, 你却不知 Black wings behind me in the long. 我身后

As we all know,there are 7 days in a week.It is Thursday today,and we will have six classes.In the morning we will have a math class at 8:00 am,and a Chinese class at 9:00 am.After that we will have morning exercise on our playground at 9:50 am.

We recommend this for your pure silver spoon containing 99% have a lot of uses, you can use our spoon, as ornaments, since it is manufactured in silver, so it's very noble, you can put it up chest, with one of your favorite clothes, so you can make

Next month a famous group of singers,'the Greenwood Boys',will be playing at our local concert hall.All the young people in town(want)to hear them and there is a great demand for tickets.People(are booking)their seats in advance(because)they(

I am a dying woman who had decided to donate what I have to the Charities. I am 49 years old and was 我是一个已决定捐献我所拥有的东西给慈善机构的垂死的女人. 我现在49岁了, diagnosed for cancer about two years ago, immediately after

Make your girlfriend happy. We know solution yoou are looking for! More information HERE 让你的女朋友幸福.我们知道你正在寻找解决方法 这里有更多信息 ind of sentences which used to fill me with a old lady, as she deposits her queen very


i want to talk about my spoken fact, i don't like speaking english and in addition, my academic performance on english is quite poor.however, in order to achieve the compulsory academic grades of english, i have to talk with everyone in

Really sorry Grant, only now to this email, I see your relationship because of their work had little time for the Internet, the last email to you after the hair off, you do not have back, I rarely read the Internet. If not yesterday, my colleagues tell me that you

As long as stars shine down from heaven 只要星光还从天堂撒落 And the rivers run into the sea 只要河流还奔入海洋 Til the end of time forever 直到时间的终点 You're the only love I'll need 你将会是我唯一需要的爱 In my life you're all that

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