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没错,看楼上 翻译:请您一定原谅我所犯的错误,请原谅我的无心快语,对不起,我没有想冒犯你,我很抱歉给你带来了如此大的麻烦,请原谅我的无礼。

I don't need such a perfect love, I just need someone who will never give up on me 加个冠词 a 就更好了,其他的地方都很好。

believe in是信任的意思,所以不能再后面加in,我觉得We are always with you可以改成将来时态 改成We will always with you ,We support you forever改成We will support you forever

神的孩子在人间,终究会死亡。 All God's chilren living in this world will eventually die.



1 some parts of the United States and Canada are also assigned to live in the Indian. They have a tax, hunting, tobacco, casinos and other industries have a certain privilege. Don't take them as raw.. They are modern. Some are ...


We are able to have a better understanding of the world via absorbing new knowledge. 注意:学习知识不能用Learn knowledge,这是中式英语,可以用absorb/obtain/acquire

请对照修改,如果全符合,如果全符合,则无错误 Cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine at leisure , logy to think about some matter , spontaneous open realm , line of the middle way between intension and behavior , ar...

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