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没错,看楼上 翻译:请您一定原谅我所犯的错误,请原谅我的无心快语,对不起,我没有想冒犯你,我很抱歉给你带来了如此大的麻烦,请原谅我的无礼。

I don't need such a perfect love, I just need someone who will never give up on me 加个冠词 a 就更好了,其他的地方都很好。

regardless of how do i do,is all in vain. 无论我怎么做,都是徒劳的。 这句子不妨这样写: Regardless how I do, all is in vain. 努力了, 是会有结果的。开心快乐!

神的孩子在人间,终究会死亡。 All God's chilren living in this world will eventually die.


leap多表示人跳跃,不能指心跳,要换成beat, 且用一般时态。 for应该去掉,everytime分开写,every time可以用来引导时间状语从句。 "我的心,每次在你说爱我的时候都会跳动!" ”My heart beats every time you say you love me!“ 表达”为了“这...

In 2012 December 5, 14 days, Party Secretary of Chongqing University professor Ou Keping led a delegation to visit the UK and Holland universities, the visit to strengthen our relationship with UCL, the architecture of "2011 pr...

毛病较多, 1、征求对方的意见应该用 canwe(通俗语)、could we(敬语) 或will we。本句的主体部分是“我们可以恢复继续生产吗”,可以翻译如下: Can (could) we restore the succession production? Will we restore the succession productio...

Sichuan people with the tour events Wulong perfect ending Following this year in May, Wulong River scenic in the whole set off a wave of "thousands of people travel Wulong River," the boom, causing a warm market response, many ...


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