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不带把的保温杯 Thermos cup without handle 也翻译成 无柄保温杯

Insulated Mug 保温杯的杯不译作Cup,因为英语Cup是指喝西茶的小茶杯

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Vacuum Cup 或是 Insulation Cup都有保温杯的意思

Vacuum cup 英 [ˈvækjuəm kʌp] 美 [ˈvækjuəm kʌp]

翻译如下 保温杯 Vacuum cup或thermos mug 例句 你为什麽随身都带一个保温杯? Why do you always carry a thermos mug with you?

用英语介绍保温杯的属性 Introduction to the properties of insulation Cup

.a vacuum flask; a vacuum bottle; a thermos; a thermos bottle; a thermos flask

350毫升保温杯小不小? Whether the size of 350ml vacuum cup is too small? 保温杯 vacuum cup 黎明时我们喝放在保温杯里的咖啡或茶,保温杯的性能很好,放了很久的咖啡还能烫嘴。 With dawn comes coffee or tea in vacuum mugs, which ena...

隔热保温杯套 Thermal insulation cup sets

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