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Currently, we, as college students, have a lot of spare time. Many students focus their time on unimportant things, such as playing games and relaxing in their dorms. This is not right. We can use part of our spare time to do i...

挫駟拝燦錨奮温割質椿匯爺曾肝匯肝匯倖什漬。恢瞳議兆忖頁出Women Nicer仁匆短嗤壓紅梧貧孀欺犢惶槻渡悪´寔頁謎講´´

Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you.匆辛參咎葎 魂子徭儖軍蔦

厘詒団稈震賻傘蚌嶢傘薺惴厘恂挫涛嗔 I want you to make friends with me over and over again every day

I have loneliness and liquor. Will you come with me?

1.Xin Loi!toi gio moi Ngu tinh day.the ban dang lam gi do? 斤音軟 厘嶬擴登僉D龝攜品加環 2.Chi con 6ngay nua La Minh se gap lai nhau.toi Ngu gio moi day chua an dang doi bung day 珊勣吉鎗爺厘断氏需中阻厘嶬擴登兒甲山塋加...

I was a subject of Dean Liang`s research group in my freshman yearit is the first time for me to join the research groupso I was full of curiosity。In my third and fourth year of universitywe were arranged to study the su...

低挫鍬咎泌和 厘載凖唆堋響欺低斤垢恬議音諾珊肇阻艶議廓將柊柊伉総翌珊堋響欺低断忽社載謹繁柿泰壓互膿業互是佃議垢恬桟廠嶄才屓蕉詞岱嶄処焼且。徽頁宸劔恂坐涙吭吶峪氏厚斑低断祐逗、伉涙況崗才伏試厚取仭。厘錬李低断耽倖繁宇彭...

When you are free, can I trouble you to help me check, so far I have LouJiao rent.

あのう すいません゛18竣お垳いします゛ 隼朔逸低梓挫阻低祥壓傍和仍仍祥挫阻

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