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Currently, we, as college students, have a lot of spare time. Many students focus their time on unimportant things, such as playing games and relaxing in their dorms. This is not right. We can use part of our spare time to do i...

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犒苅万頁匯嶽宥喘窟下壓旗燕艇辛嬬聞喘議侭嗤竃井麗。哘乎頁^低辛嬬聞喘 ̄議吭房...杏。

Do you have a watch? No, I don't. I am having lunch now. Can I borrow your watch? Sure, here you are. 及匯鞘指基扮勣斤廁強簡指基喘don't音嬬喘haven't 及眉鞘here you are頁公低議吭房here you go 議吭房頁低恠宸円。

低芝誼音危。in the care of ... 恬葎匯倖玉囂栖尖盾扮頁哘乎咎恬采⋯⋯孚砿。泌in the care of a doctor 喇匳伏孚砿。徽頁宸鞘三嶄功象貧和猟低厮窟嵋音辛嬬咎恬喇押繁孚砿。遇哘乎咎恬砕婢鵬“忙鰌濂“傍鳥だ蹇N阻宴噐尖...


1.匯魁霜壌欠丸支阻型塁銚徨根節獏 A tornado destoried the house, mother and son hugged and weeped. 2.晩云, 匯倖溺頃壓序佩堅符標僉嚥徭失伉握議昂侯完猴 In Japan,when a girl is on radiation chance, she have to be parted wit...

晩囂 すみませんが、18竣をお垳いします。 哂囂 excurse me,push number eighteen please. 哘乎頁宸劔杏。。。晩囂哘乎直嗤諒籾。

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