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Currently, we, as college students, have a lot of spare time. Many students focus their time on unimportant things, such as playing games and relaxing in their dorms. This is not right. We can use part of our spare time to do i...

I am not bothering you, so you don't come to bother me.

Could you show me that one? Would you mind showing me that one? Can you bring that one to me? Show me that one,please.

我刚刚接手你们的业务,手里资料都不全,麻烦你提供一下附件表格中标黄的文件吧 . 英文:I've just taken over your business. I don't have enough information in hand. Would you please provide me with the Yellow file for the attachment...

你可以叫你爸爸去做你说的任何事 You can call your father anything you say

If you have trouble,you can come to me for help.

对应的英语: All functions were set before delivery. You don’t need to reset anyway, and it works once you plug it to power.

I have loneliness and liquor. Will you come with me?

Apologized in advance for giving you that much trouble, but this needs to be transfered abroad. Please keep it without any battery, as batteries are prohibited.

楼上。。。电脑埃。。 we apologize we didnt get what you mean in the e-mail, could you please explain it again with more details?

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