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出席 [chū xí] 基本释义 1、attend 2、be present 3、presence 4、present oneself 5、prohibit 6、sit in on 7、attendance 8、appeared 9、to make an appearance 出席的用法和样例: 1、不是父亲而是母亲出席此一仪式。 Not father but mothe...

1 to attend a meeting; 2 to take part in a meeting; 3 to participate in a conference

参加” attend participate 参加学术会议 attend/participate the academic conference

seminar/symposium 后者是比较学术的专业研讨会。 不但学校会用seminar,很多公司开会都是这么用。没有会用special topic这种说法,workshop大多数都是50人以下的内部讨论会或者知识介绍会。forum是论坛,一般forum里头有专题研讨会就是seminar...

He spoke on behalf of Jack. He attended the meeting on behalf of Jack.

He will make a speech / attend the meeting in the name of Jack.

call a conference 召集一个会议 望采纳

对应的英语: 1) Who will attend the meeting? 2) How many people going to attend the meeting? Who are they? attend a meeting/conference: 出席会议。

会议召开 英文翻译 Conference Date;

Dear Distinguished Guests, Warmly welcome to our company.Here I like to introduce some of my colleagues to you.Here is our GENERAL MANAGER XXX.This is our DEPUTY GENERAL MANAGER xxx,who is in charge of sales,and this is DEPUTY ...

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