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参加会议 这个词语 用英语表达 翻译为 : attend the meeting

1 to attend a meeting; 2 to take part in a meeting; 3 to participate in a conference

”会议记录”的英文:conference records;”记录人员”的英文:record keeping personnel 相似短语: 1、ink recording 油墨记录 2、direct recording 直接记录的 3、graphic recording 自动记录式的 4、image recording 图像录制 5、tape recordin...

have a meeting或hold a meeting 若放在句首作主语(或作宾语时),则have和hold要加ing. 还有在现在进行时(或过去完成时)的时候,have和hold也要加ing.,例如: They are(were) having a meeting. They are(were) holding a meeting.

attend a meeting。

Thank you for your letter(或者email之类的,你看别人是怎么通知你的)of June 12th(这里你自己填上日期,表示你确认无误),I am honored to confirm my partcipation at the conference(这里你把完整的会议名填上,以示尊敬).Would you ple...

There will be seven people from our school attending the meeting. There will be xxx attendees in all, including xxx.

确认会如期参加会议 Confirmed to attend the conference in time.

We sincerely invite you to attend the meeting. The specific issues related to the meeting are as follows.

I will attend the meeting through the teleconference

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