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第五单元词组 1.let's see-----shall we 2.let us ----- will you 3.favorite animals 最喜欢的动物 4.why-----because 5.kind of interesting 有点有趣 6.South Africa 南非 from ----

Unit 5 Do you have a soccer ball?do (第三人称单数形式does) 用于构成否定句和疑问句;做;干 have 有 tennis 网球 ball 球 ping-pong 乒乓球 bat 球棒;球拍 soccer (英式)足球 soccer ball (英式)足球 volleyball 排球 basketball 篮球 hey 嘿

Ⅰ、Useful expressions:1. watch TV 看电视2. talk on the phone 在电话上聊天3. TV show 电视节目4. write a letter 写封信5. read a book/books 读书;看书6. wait for 等候;等待7. talk about sth./sb. 谈论某事(物)/某人8. some of … ……中的一些

escapewill landbe pleasant

【解答】按找学生课本顺序排列所有短语 Unit5 读熟记准记牢 Section A 1a-1c1.welcome to the zoo.欢迎来到动物园.2.let's do sth.让我们做某事吧 favorite animals我最喜欢的动物Section A 2a-2d1.really scary 真的很吓人2.very cute 很可爱

Unit 5 词组归纳 1. belong to 属于2. hair band 发带3. use up 用完4. belong to (sb) = be sb's 属于某人的5. count 30% to the final exam 在期末考占30%6. finally=at last=in the end 最后 7. be/get/feel anxious about sb/sth 对…忧虑 = be/get/feel

What are you doing? ---- I'm watching TV.(肯定) / I'm not watching TV.(否定)What is he(she) doing ? --- He(She) is reading a book.(肯定) / He(She) is reading a book.(否定)

1. as for homework,95% students do homework every day. as for意思是“至于;关于”,常用于句首作状语,其后跟名词、代词或动词的-ing形式.如: as for him,i never want to see him here.至于他,我永远不希望在这里见到. as for the story,you'd better not believe it.关于那故事,你最好不要相信. 2. but my mother wants to drink it. want to do sth.意

1. 重点短语 be late 迟到 play basketball 打篮球 watch TV 看电视 at school 在学校 go to the same school 去同一所学校 after class 课后 tennis ball 网球 ping-pong bat 兵乓球拍 ping-pong ball 乒乓球 soccer ball(英式)足球 a tennis bat 一个网球拍

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