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出动 chū dòng (队伍外出行动) set out; start off: 待命出动 await orders to set out (go into action) 小分队提前出动了。 The detachment set off ahead of schedule. (派出军事力量) call out; send out; dispatch: 出动飞机20架次 fly...

动心 [词典] moved; one's mind is perturbed; one's desire, enthusiasm or interest is aroused;touched; [例句]他对金钱,名誉和社会地位都不动心。 Money, fame and social position have no interest for him.

impetus英 [ˈɪmpɪtəs] 美 [ˈɪmpɪtəs] n.动力;势头;促进;声势 例句: This prompted a renewed push on trade. 这为贸易提供了新的推动力。

strike [touch] a deep chord (in the heart of sb.); be deeply moving; rouse one's tender emotions; stir up one's inmost feelings;

生动 shēngdòng [vivid; lively; dramatic; impressive] 具有活力能使人感动的 生动的描写 lively description 这幅画很生动。 The picture is vivid.

发动: start, initiate

你好! 悸动 throb 英[θrɒb] 美[θrɑ:b] n. 脉搏; 跳动,悸动; vi. 抽痛; (心脏、脉搏等) 跳动; [例句]His head throbbed 他的头阵阵作痛。

flowing,mobile流动的 All flowing water, though it appears to be uniform, is actually divided intoextensive inner surfaces, or layers, moving against one another.所有流动的水看似一成不变,但实际上内部分成许多广延的面,或者说层...

翻动 [词典] stir; ruffle; [例句]戈德斯通翻动书页,大拇指按到他正在寻找的那个段落上。 Goldstone flipped through the pages and stabbed his thumb at the paragraph he was looking for

挥动 这个词语 用英语表达 翻译为 : wave; brandish; shaking

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