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“别让大家跟你说 (Don't let somebody tell you ) 你成不了大器 (You can't do some) 即使是我也不行 (Not even me) 好吗 (All right) 你有梦想的话 (You get a dream) 你就得保护他 (You have to protect it) 那些自己没有成才的人也会说你不能成才 (People can't do some themselves they want to tell you you can't do it) 你要什么的话就努力得到 (You want some,go to get it.)

Chris Gardner:You have a dream, you got to protect it. 克里斯加德纳:如果你有梦想,就要守护它. Chris Gardner:People can't do something by themselves; they wanna tell you you can not do it. 克里斯加德纳:当人们做不到一些事情的时候,他们就会对你说你也同样不能. Chris Gardner:You want something. Go get it! 克里斯加德纳:有了目标就要全力以赴.

Youhaveadream,yougottoprotectit. ??如果你有梦想,就要守护它. ??Peoplecan'tdosomethingbythemselves;theywanna(=wantto)tellyouyoucannotdoit. ??当人们做不到一些事情的时候,他们就会对你说你也同样不能. ??Youwantsomething.

以下是当幸福来敲门经典台词: 【1】:你要尽全力保护你的梦想.那些嘲笑你梦想的人,他们必定会失败,他们想把你变成和他们一样的人.我坚信,只要我心中有梦想,我就会与众不同.你也是.

God only help those who help themselves 自助者天助!你改变不了环境,但你可以改 “当幸福在我身边时候,我没有珍惜,直到失去的时候才追悔莫及.”的确,当我们筋

God only help those who help themselves 自助者天助!你改变不了环境,但你可以改变自己;你改变不了事实,但你可以改变态度;你改变不了过去,但你可以改变现在;你不能控制他人,但你可以掌握自己;你不能预知明天,但你可以把握今

台词:It was right then that I started thinking about Thomas Jefferson--the Declaration of Independence.And the part about our right to life.Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.And I remenber thinking:How did he know to put the pursuit part in there?

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