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到家英语怎么写 3种

arrive home到家

get home, arrive home, to be at homeget to the airport, arrive the airport, to be at the airport

是后者 .用do放在动词前面表强调,但只能用现在时态,即 i do get home.意思是 我的确到家了

1,Just home2,I'm just back home3,I just come back home4,I have just been home5,I have just got home

get home到家 请采纳支持下

回家的英文:go home、return home、be home、come back home、get home.1、go home 英 [u hum] 美 [o hom] I go to work early and come home late. 我上班很早,回家很晚.2、be home 英 [bi: hum] 美 [bi hom] He turned up in


arrive homeget homereach home都可以啊~

arrive home

一 :到家 [回到家]1.returned home2.was/were home3.went home二:到家 [形容到达一个层次] 1.reach a very high level; perfect; excellent:She is expert at Chinese

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