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我在国外从事网站相关工作,一般来说不会把网站翻译出来,会直接说 sign in 或者 login 但是你想翻译出来也行,这样说: login into a/the website sign in to a/the website

注册:registe /egistration/join/enrol/enroll/enrollment/check in/sign up/enlist 登录:load /login /log in/log on/sign in/land 注册:registe /egistration/join 例句: 1.The registration of bidder have already begin. 投标都登记注...

MY PERSONAL WEBSITE. 例句:欢迎来到我的个人网站,合作愉快! Welcome to my personal web site, pleasant cooperation! 例句:欢迎大家来到我的个人主页! Welcome everyone come to my personal page!

Because of the government's restrictions, in China can only land on the web site, most of the foreign websites can not be landed. 怎么访问国外网站 1、最有效的禁止访问国外网站的方法,就是通过浏览器分级审核功能来实现。打开浏览器...

You can enter your account in this website with your user name and your password.

不用什么专用的软件! 手机登陆 wap. iamlk. cn 这个英语学习手机网站有许多英语文章,而且每天都有双语新闻哦~~~

网站应用动词“访问”搭配,链接应用动词“点击”搭配,访问网站译为:visit the website,点击链接译为:click the link 例句:Click the link to return to the main page.点击链接返回主页面 Click the link to download the Guild Wars setup pr...

网站上有我们的产品信息 Web site has our product information 网站上有我们的产品信息 Web site has our product information

website 简称web

recruitment website website providing recruitment information

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