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.I often have supper with my brother together.第一时间为你解答,敬请采纳,如果本题还有疑问请追问,Good luck!

eating dinner at sister's home

亲爱的里克,感谢您的来信.想知道我晚上是怎么过的吗?嗯,我平时下午6点下班回家.我给家人做饭 我的父母、妹妹和弟弟.晚饭后,我通常是看电视、玩电脑游戏或下棋.我喜欢下棋,因为我的父亲在一家国际象棋俱乐部工作.我在九

In leisure time, or more specifically, in the evening, I would play badminton with my younger brother after dinner, and then we come back home to surf on the internet.

Students must finish homework befre supper.为你解答,敬请采纳.如对本题还有疑问,请追问.

I live in a happy family with my father and mother. we are all very busy all the day except after dinner.We have the same habit:having a walk.we always walk slowly and chat with each otherAs father often say :“After dinner is my happiest time.And

愉快的一天 今天,我起来非常早,我享受了一顿丰盛的早餐,然后我出去和我的朋友一起玩,我们度过了一段美好的时光.下午,我去和我的父亲游泳,天气非常热,但我们在水里的感觉非常好.晚饭后,我开始做我的功课,我觉得作业并不困难,所以我很早就完成了.然后我读了一会儿书最后便上床睡觉了.

elder brother and family.

和家人一起吃晚饭翻译成英文是:Eat dinner with your family

小题1:He insists/insisted that he was at another place at the time of the crime .小题2:It's generous of her to devote most of her time to charity .小题3:Mum was cooking dinner while I was doing my

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