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1.Now the wooded area massive reductions,many animals' also more and more are few,some even bordered on or already exterminates 2.Let the humanity and the nature harmoniously is together

The wild animals are getting less and less.

现在松鼠越来越少了 Now the squirrels are less and less."越来越少"是less and less!

nowadays, wild animals become less and less. become less and less是固定搭配.作定语时可以用fewer and fewer animals

Recently, many little animals have been killed or eated. As a result, these little animals are fewer and fewer.希望对你有帮助O(∩_∩)O

野生动物正在变得越来越少因为人们经常杀死他.英语:The wild animals become increasingly less as people often kill them.


Now the number and qualities of wild animals are reduced , their food are polluted and habitat destructed, various humen production activities have been seriously threat to their survival.Wildlife is important for our development, they can maintain the

The number of animals are decreasing注:是are,不是is

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