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对……讲 用英语怎么说

you know, 然后直接接你的句子 比如 对了,顺便说下,楼上很蠢 you know, btw, the first answer is stupid.

to evaluate something, to assess something, to comment on sth, to analyze sth. to score sth. etc.

give 。。。 to。。


你说的非常对 You're very right. 重点词汇释义You你; 大家; 你们,您们say说, 讲; 表明,宣称; 假设; 约莫; 表明; 念; 说明; 比方说; 发言权; 说话; 要说的话again再一次; 再说; 此外; 不过.例句:You can say that again. I've never read su...

This movie tells us a story that Diedo,Sid and Manny meet with pirates after they leave their families when the continents drifts。 这个同位语从句应该没用错。。。

To... put forward the higher request request 读音:[rɪ'kwest] 释义: n. 请求;需要;vt. 要求,请求 短语: request notes 申请单 ; 申请书 ; 请求单 Special request 特殊要求 ; 特别要求 ; 特殊需求 ; 见其他说明 call request 得请...

对于,as for或者to或者with regards to 满意请采纳,谢谢

and so on etc. 只要前面提到country了,就可以用以上两种说法了.

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