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"不知道说的对不对" 英文翻译 "I don't know what's wrong"

这个要结合语境的。。 我推荐what's up? is there something wrong? 怎么了?有什么不对吗? 翻译不好大家不要笑我哈~。。。

Am I right? 1、例句: (1)You had him on satellite surveillance, am I right? 你们正在对他进行监控我说的对 吗 ? (2)You are not English. You are American. Is that right? 你不是英国人, 你是美国人, (我说的)对 吗? 2、Am i right...

realize确实是中式英语了 用fulfill和achieve还是可以的 这个是我在国外网上复制的,中文的网站就不要看了 We propose that one engages in behaviors such as gift giving in order to fulfill one's values in life. 但是其实在外国别人不这么...

Hospitality management就是酒店管理 不过hospitality的本来意思是 好客;殷勤招待 Many thanks for the hospitality you showed me. 非常感谢你对我的款待。 The natives are noted for their hospitality. 当地人以好客著称。

Haggle over every ounce with friends is wrong

The punchline is silly yet fitting,tempting a smile,even a laugh 这个笑料很愚蠢,但是仍然足以让人发笑,甚至大笑。 People laugh on fairground rides or when tickled to flag a play situation,whether they feel amused or not. 人们在...

You'll be with danbao forever right? 望采纳


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