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英文原文: right or wrong? 英式音标: [raɪt] [ɔː] [rɒŋ] 美式音标: [raɪt] [ɔr] [rɔŋ]

翻译结果: Don't know that right

Am i right是正解。因为right是形容词,形容词前面需要用be动词。 而后面的句子am i read it right?中含有两个动词,一个是be动词am,另一个是动词read,这个是违背语法的。因为一个简单的句子中只能有一个动词(动词be也算一个动词)。如果一定...

你好 我认为你不对-----I think you are wrong 或 I don't think you are right或 I think you are false. 这些都有这个意思 希望帮到你

first,last 后面加name 其他都是对的

Hospitality management就是酒店管理 不过hospitality的本来意思是 好客;殷勤招待 Many thanks for the hospitality you showed me. 非常感谢你对我的款待。 The natives are noted for their hospitality. 当地人以好客著称。

realize确实是中式英语了 用fulfill和achieve还是可以的 这个是我在国外网上复制的,中文的网站就不要看了 We propose that one engages in behaviors such as gift giving in order to fulfill one's values in life. 但是其实在外国别人不这么...

This month's sales didn't hit our expectation, mainly due to the leaving of our former sales manager or the absence of the replacing manager.

‘Not exactly right' and ‘completely wrong' ‘不完全正确'和'完全错误'

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