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对用的英文是:For use和symmetrical-use。for use其余的意思有:供使用,以便使用。 拓展资料 For use的用法 1、Shelves were built to adapt the library for use as an office. 为将图书馆改作办公室而做了一些架子。 2、Many students regis...

you know, 然后直接接你的句子 比如 对了,顺便说下,楼上很蠢 you know, btw, the first answer is stupid.

要看你用在什么地方。同意某人说话你可以用,i agree with you .表示我同意你的观点。正确无错误。一般说这道题目的答案是对的。the answer of the question is correct/right. right (对的,正确的)i guess you are right.我想你是对的。老师...

语境不同可能表达方式也不一样. 形容人的: each couple 形容物品的: each pair a couple of a pare of

describe something

A pair of, a pair of 如果满意记得采纳哦!你的好评是我前进的动力。(*^__^*) 嘻嘻……

As for me 是最直接的翻译。。 如果是放在文章里面的话。。 用in my opinion 或 From my piont of view 也行~

Am I right? 1、例句: (1)You had him on satellite surveillance, am I right? 你们正在对他进行监控我说的对 吗 ? (2)You are not English. You are American. Is that right? 你不是英国人, 你是美国人, (我说的)对 吗? 2、Am i right...

Here you are.

in the face of 面对困难或者问题用这个 Face-to-face 面对面 face也可以直接做动词用,面对的意思,如: 我们必须面对现实。 We must face reality. 他勇敢地面对困难。 He faced the difficulty with courage.

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