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翻译句子。 英语翻译高手请进。

1. If I had a million dollars, I will donate it to

1,初步设计完成, 工程概算由我委核定后, 由吉林省商水水利部审批, 报我委备案. After

1、If time permits, we will go swimming. 2、She li

这是新概念第六课上面的原文,作者是这么写的Later a neighbour told me abo

Many students attend each class every week, don

The company's associated enterprise is "


Usage and dosage: To be taken before meals. 1-2 pi

youth is fearless, chase your dream and make yours

扩写句子?还是翻译句子? 但单句即可,何必复句? is good for so

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