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翻译下英语的收条. 简单的.

绝对标准的翻译版本——RECEIPTThe loan paid off all at once (including the interest) from Mr.Zhang has been received today, which amounts to 2000 yuan.Wang XiaoerMarch 3rd, 2008

收据的英文翻译是receipt 。 receipt 英 [rɪˈsi:t] n. 收据,发票; 收入; vt. 开收据; [美国英语]给…开收据,承认收到; 变形 复数: receipts 拓展资料双语例句 1. I'm going to make out a receipt for you. 我开一张收据给你。 2.You...

电费水费和物业费收款收据 Water and electricity charge property fee payment receipt 手机缴费纳税发票 Mobile payment tax invoice 座机缴费纳税发票 Machine pay tax invoice 记得给好评

应该是要发票的。这里的Rechnung还有其他的意思,但是根据上下文来判断,应该只有发票是跟保修相关的。 Hallo 你好 İch habe keine Rechnung bekommen. 我没有收到发票。 senden sie schnell wie möglich wegen Garantie 由于保修的缘...

“如果你收到汇款,可以把收据发给我吗?” 能用may i have翻译,May I have the receipt when you receive the remittance?

这是邮局的一张收据,内容大概的意思是: China - Priority $13.45 Mail Int'l Flat Rate Env 3.50 oz. ========== Issue PVI: $13.45 ========== Total $13.45 寄中国快件 13.45 美元 国际优先邮件固定费用 邮件重量:3,5 盎司 成交额:13.45 ...

Received $60 from Kate on dd/mm/yyyy for the sole ownership of the bed that has belonged to Kate and myself. Kim (date)

借据和收据 IOUs and receipts

Total deposit to CHK 存款金额(CHK=活期存款账户) Credit Pending Posts on 存款日期 Available Now $0.00 可用金额 直接写支票就行了

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