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The weather forecast says it is likely to be a good weather tomorrow.When working for a team, you must turn your back on your personal matters.Obviously, novels should be close to real life.In fact, this movie is neither touching nor humorous.I believe

when we feel stressed out ,we will go for a walk we don't leave the classroom until after class taking more exercises is good for our bodies

1. They are taking photos.2. The boy is lying in the sun.3. I often wait for the bus over there.4. My brother is not playing computer games now.5. Lili is shopping6. Nancy is not doing her homework, but playing computer games.7. Are you writing a letter to your pen-pal?

1. This book doesn't apply the beginners. 2. John will apply for this work in the company today 3. The young should apply themselves in their own work 4. Then we can better apply the theory to practice. 1. be influence whether you can this job 2. has

1. Today, he would like to put his painting the dormitory, he was informed workers have returned to the home (want sth.done) 2. The talks is the first step towards peace (step

Mom,i won"t let you down foreverthey pull together so that finish the work quicklymy father likes baseketball rather than vollyeballdoes school will kick he off?grandma wang is hand on her grandchildthat boy is close to fall down the wallthe first step is study how to using this machine

1、is famous as be famous as固定词组以作为而出名2、have finished刚写完,用现在完成时(have在just之前)3、forget to callforget to do sth意为忘记去做某事

小题1:The reason why …that小题2:should have taken小题3:nothing … more important than小题4:than any other country / all other countries小题5:It is known that小题6: The thought / idea that小题7:T

6. Who do you think will be our new manager?7. That was the last time that she had a face-to-face talk with her dad.8. He went silence when being asked about his hometown.9. With weather getting warmer, we decide to have a picnic.10. What a wonderful pleasure to be admired!

His rudeness resulted in the quarrel between his child and him.He built up his bussiness with high quality serves.The neighbourhood asked them to stop making noises, but they still kept on.Don't worry,we have stored quantities of food.The old man

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