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How to protect our goods?

重要物品随身携带或存入银行 important items should be carried or stored in the bank

Books are very useful to people.People can learn a lot of knowledgesfrom books.书籍对人们很有用.

一.Still Picture Modes 1.1 Four identical pictures All Four shutters release at the same time. 1.2 One picture at a time Only one shutter release at a time,After all four shutters have been rele

something things

对应的英语:What is it? (什么东西?询问)What a shit! / Son of a bitcher!/ What a loser (什么东西! 赌咒语言).

沙发 sofa灯 light咖啡桌 Coffee table餐桌 Dining table椅子 Chair门 door电视 镜子 soap / sEup/ 肥皂 towel / 5tauEl/ 手巾 58英语,简单学习 lavatory / 5lAvEtEri/ 洗脸盆,厕

1.月饼保鲜袋Moon Cake preserving bags2.纸袋paper bags3.塑料叉plastic forks4.塑料托plastic trays5.床上用品bedding 6.茶叶tea

A Adjustable bed 可调床 Air bed 气床 Anti-slip strip for stairs (儿童床)防滑楼梯打击扶手 Antique furniture 古式家具 Antique reproduction furniture 仿古家具 Armchair 扶手椅 B Baby crib 婴儿床 Backless wall-unit 不设背板的壁橱 Bamboo

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