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非常感谢你的帮助 翻译

Thank you very much for your help .

Thank you for your help

You have to love yourself, love love, to believe what a outstanding and unique. You are sincere and willing to trust others, care for friends, your humility, your life is full of enthusiasm, willing to try new things, and still willing to learn and to sacrifice the

Thank you very much for the help

Thank you for helping my English.

thanks a million.thank you very much.thanks very much.thanks a lot .都有这样的含义,表示非常感谢.

Thank you very much for helping melearning English

Thank you for your help.

翻译如下:非常感谢你的帮助Thank you a lot for your assistance.

是那个意思. 不能写成后面那2种.不是那样搭配的. 虽然口语上说别人也能听懂,但是一般不那么用.可以说You are very kind for helping me.

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