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高手 master-hand proficient superior ace 国家象棋高手:master chess player

For Love Online, different people have different views on it, some people avoid the distance. not careful courtship on the Internet for fear of falling into the trap of being hurt themselves. Some do not mind. If a person like that, in the spirit of the

New year is approaching, here, I would like to write about my determination.New year, I grew up a one year old.Should be wiser, I must study harder, I would also like to learn a new language, it is necessary to eat more healthy foods and exercising.I

First, you should bring some gifts, like a bottle of win or some chocolat. You must arrive in time or in advance a little bit. During the dinner you'd better be grateful for the dishes. Never last too much after dinner. Before your leaving don't forget thank the host again. These are my advises.

Jianguo Hotel near Weihai is the hotel industry in the introduction of the first professional hotel management brand -- BTG-JIANGUO hotel. Hotel business for more than 7 years, is well known in the Weihai Hotel industry. But in recent years due to

Receives your incoming letter very happily the question which proposed regarding you, our manager does answered as follows: 1 we may be responsible to look for the translation, but the commission also is not too now clear, after we consult, will

You .for. me .is .just .a .common .dog,像这种句子直接用百度翻译就OK了

Because of lack of employees after the Chinese New Year, we are unable to fill your order in a very short period of time; however, your order has been already put into production with urgent. Please don't worry about it.

sorry, with the recent study, there is no reply to you as soon as possible. I am living in the U.S. very happy, I am like your English classes, because many things have taught me to bring me a lot of fun! ! My favorite is Universal Studios, very fun and

Independent personality, conscientiously responsible, positive initiative, good communication and coordination skills, about teamwork spirit; Good at adopted to oneself develop useful advice; Open and bright, optimistic, the people sincerely, enthusiasm.

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