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1.C 这里只能选择be动词与现在分词构成进行时,而又是发生在过去,选C 2.A 这里表示除了Tom和Mary的其他人,不但是others,还要加the 3.A “How do you like……”是询问对某件事/某物的看法 4.D 时间状语before说明是完

主干:What is a study.(肯定句)What is needed in the case of noise 是一个what引导的从句,谓语是noise后面的is,宾语是study,是一个什么样的study呢?a study of

是序数简写第二十一世纪是 The 21st Century

In the story, the prince lived on the asteroid, biological diversity, much less than the earth surface is small, but not many in the adult world choking conflict between the doctrine of others, nor any prejudice and prejudice, full of innocence, but also the

英语高手请进,下面的这个选择题,请仔细分析每个选项正确或者错误的检举 | 2012-4-2 23:51 信步望星空 | 50 | 浏览次数:31次All flights ()because of the terrible weather

1.Because he had drunk too much,he had to leave the party early.His stomach was like a volcano.That was ready to erupt.(改为逗号)2.It rained all week parts of AND the

父亲有五个足球为他的五个有趣的男孩.一个蛋糕、一个派,给我和你.cloth音标是[klθ,clothes音标是[ kluz ]从木头上把我的大袋子拿来.英语语音中有“清清浊浊”的规律,意思是音素之间互相影响.其中s

1、school前加the,就表示指具体哪所学校.“毕业,离开中学”,直接用leave school.2、“sun升起”用rise,句子里是过去时态,所以选C.raise是及物动词,其后必须接宾语,而rise不接宾语.你的答案应该不对.3、这里by在表被

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