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高中英语作文 一百五十

dear li hua, truly, the year of senior three is quite critical. as far as i know, time is always not enough for us. so first of all, you need to arrange your time well. you'd better make a rather long-term study plan, say, a one-month plan with more efforts to

Don't waste your time I am a senior school student. Now,I am in grade two. To be honest,I'm not agood child or student. I aiways think studying is very boring . And I 'm also lazy in my subjects. But on the other hand,I never want to be a girl who has no

Now, the new semester has begun for more than one week. I gradually adapt to my new life insenior school. In senior school, my biggest feeling is busy, for I have classesall the day and teachers leave us a lot of homework. In the morning, I have

In school,we have summer vacation.In summer,the weather is so hot that our brain needs a rest after a period of hard work.Thus it is for health reasons that we have our summer vacation.There are many kinds of sports,which are good for health in

Now I have entered the senior middle school for nearly a year. I have learned a lot in many ways.I learned about different cultures in the countries in the world . I can work out difficult math problems and I can recite some English sentences . Also I

My Experience in Examination In my ophfion, examinations are one of the important activities in school life. I have gone through all sorts of examations since my primary school I have tasted the flavor of happiness and sadness. Before examinations,

My day This is my one day.I usually get up at abput six o'clock in the morning and then I brush my teeth ,wash my face and eat breakfast.I go to school at seven o'colck by bus.We have three classes in the morning.Besides, i play sports with my


但许多学生不知道他们为什么要学习英语.因为世界上大部分国家的人都使用英语,如果你懂得更多的英语,你必须学习英语;t know why he should learn it, If you know much English.英语对我们很重要,你就可以为世界和平做出你应该做的贡献.

中文:你的人生是正在待放的花蕾,还是已展翅翱翔于蓝天的雄鹰,是正在追求目标的逗号,还是已获得成功辉煌的句号. 不同的人生符号,象征着不同的人生. 逗号求索 风华正茂的我们正求索知识.踏上求索知识这条征程,象征着艰辛

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