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其实最简单也最流行的就是:Hi,everyone! 我觉得评委,老师,同学,没必要一一点到,英语讲究简洁,根据情况适当添加词汇。一般演讲,如果不是特别严肃,可以一句:goodmorning!就行。再说他们强调人权,所以不会针对一些特定称谓问好,一般都会...

尊敬的领导 Respetable leaders,各位评委honorable judges,各位老师 teachers,大家好 a warm greetings to all of you.!"

All of the judges, everybody is good all:所有 the judges:评委、法官 everybody:每个人

Nice to meet you all here, distinguished referees and teachers!!!

尊敬的各位评委老师大家好 我的名字叫王宏伟 我今年16岁了 我来自定陶 Dear everyone, my name is Wang Hongwei. I am 16 years old. I am from Dingtao.

hello,judges, and follow students.I am very happy to stand here, my English is not so good, but I am willing to try myself. Here is a simple self-introduction. I am a new student of International cooperation Business English201...

Hello,everybody.大家好 My name's( ).我的名字叫( ) I'm in Class( )Grade six of( )school.我在( )学校6年级()班级 I'm tall(short).I'm ( )centimeters.我很高(矮),我()厘米。 I like English very much.我非常喜欢英语 Beacuse E...

well-beloved judges, teachers and schoolmats, good evening!


"尊敬的各位评委老师大家好" Greetings, honored teachers and judges~ 美国有这种说法的。

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