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what can I do for you ?/can I help you ?I would like to buy a coat for my about the one?well,how much is it ?100 yuan.well,I'll take it .我是从事英语的,乐意为你解答.

A: Hello, what are you going to do?B: I am going to do some shopping.A: What are you going to buy?B: The vegetables and fruits are urgent. So I will buy them in the supermarket.A: Will you go there by bus or by taxi?B: By bus. Because it is not far

1 逛街购物买衬衫 JOY: Why don't we get you some shirts?LOUIS: I want to leave. We've already been here two hours.JOY: But we should get you some shirts while we're here. You need summer shirts.LOUIS: I would rather buy them somewhere else.

let is go shopping

Sales clerk:"How are you, Sir, what does the demand buy some son?" Customer:"Oh, I want to buy a bunch a flower for mother, tomorrow is her birthday." Sales clerk:"That you might as well send gladiolus, its representative work hard,

A:Hi,there! What can i help you today? B:emmmmI wanna buy a present for my grandma's birthday. A:Do you have anything in mind? i suggest thiswoollen carf. it's good for old ladies, especially in winter. B:but that's what i gave her last year. A:oh

Excuse me ,can I help you Yes,I want to have a look at of that pair of shoes?Okay ,here you are .En,it's a little big ,do you have small ones Yes ,here it is ,it's a little smallYeah ,it's fine .I will take it .thank you ,that's forty yuan .Here is the money .okay ,bye.

1、A:Lucy, where are you going? 露西,你去哪儿?B:I want to go to the supermarket. 我想去超级市场.A:Wait a few minutes and I'll go there with you. 请等一下,我和你一道去.B:Let's get a shopping cart. 我们去拿一辆手推车吧.A:Good

A:你好,欢迎到大卫的衣服,我可以帮你吗? B:你好,我想买一件t恤衫. A:哦,他们是在正确的角落,我指给你看. B:谢谢,我能试试这件蓝色的怎么样? A:是的,当然 (数分钟后) A:噢,它看起来很不错. B:谢谢你,这把尺多少钱呢? A:50元 B:我可以给我有折扣吗? A:的,我可以给你90%的折扣. B:好的,我要带. 哈哈

A:What can i do for you?有什么能够帮助你吗? B:Yes,i want to buy a T-shirt.Can you lead me to see?我想要买一件T,你能领我去看看吗? A:Yes,please!好的,这边走 B:The red one is beautiful . How much is it? 红色的那件很漂亮,多少钱 | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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