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I like summer,although it is hot. 我喜欢夏天,尽管它很热.Because I have summer holiday for nearly two months.因为我有将近2个月的暑假.When it is hot, I can swim all day.天热的时候,我可以整天去游泳.It rains sometimes and gets cool.有时

夏令营很好玩,我最喜欢夏令营了,游泳能锻炼身体,因为夏天能游泳.还可以在草地上玩耍, summer camp is fun 英文原文, I like the summer camp! 中文翻译, also very fun. I like summer very much, also can join the summer camp in

Summer is when the sun shines and the butterflies dance with the flowers. In the pure morning, near the old temple, Where early sunlight points the tree-tops, My path has wound, through a sheltered hollow Of boughs and flowers, to a Buddhist retreat.

太巧了 本人收藏的一篇文章 分享给你 望采纳! Summer flowers and trees is the most exuberant, many trees, a wild profusion of vegetation, rich multicolored decorations everywhere, brilliant purples and reds, looking ahead, a sea of flowers, the

原创啊: My favourite season- summer Every time, when the sun shining brightly, I know summer is coming. Though it is very hot, I still prefer summer. In hot summer, I like lying in the sunshine, sometimes. Because it's too hot, I always stay for fifteen

Everyone has their own dreams, I am the same. But my dream is not a lawyer, not a doctor, not actors, not even an industry. Perhaps my dream big people will find

The summer arrived, I most like the season was the summer. I like in the summer swimming, I like in the summer eating the cold drink, in the summer although said is very hot, but may hear “the insect sonata” in the evening, heartily the pleasure

Summerismy favorite season.My classmates alllike me,waiting,looking forward tothe arrival of summer. In summer,all kinds offruits areripe,have been listed,colorful,have everything that one expects to findthe rainy season,wecan taste thesour,

If you ask me, what is your favorite season? I am sure I'll choose summer. Why? Let me tell you. In summer, the weather is hot, so we can go swimming.I like swimming. We can play a lot of games in the water.Summer it is often sunny and hot. Sometimes rainy in summer.Sometimes I eat ice-cream at home

I love summer very much. In summer, it's hot, and sometimes it's rainy. People wear T-shirts, shorts and sunglasses. Girls love to wear dresses and skirts. I love smimming in summer. So I always go swimming with my parents in the sea. Sometimes,

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