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关于onlinE shopping的问题

1.Online shopping is to buy something on the Internet 2.Because people feel it's easy and fast, also they can find a lot of cool and cheap things on the Internet . 3. Books, clothes and CDs are the most popular things on Internet.

My views on Online Shopping 1. 现在网购已经成为一种时尚 2. 网上购物有很多好处,但也有不少问题 3. 我的建议 Nowadays, can we find a person who has not experienced online shopping? Definitely not. Online shopping is coming into fa...

前面一个应该是名词,网上购物,好象是偏正短语,偏名词性,强调是个动作名称 后面是个动词,在网上购物,强调这个动作的过程,你参考下。

online shopping 稍正式一些,但平时还是用shopping online 较多一些。

online shopping [英][ˌɔnˈlain ˈʃɔpɪŋ][美][ˌɑːnˈlaɪn ˈʃɑpɪŋ] 网购;



Online shopping has become something very common for young people, however, it's not easy for the old people to buy things on the internet. Therefore, offline Daigou stores, or buy-for-you stores, are becoming popular among the...

online shopping 意思:网购。 读音: [英][ˌɔnˈlain ˈʃɔpɪŋ][美][ˌɑːnˈlaɪn ˈʃɑpɪŋ] 双语例句: You can build an online shopping cart easily by using op...

Online shopping is popular nowadays. It is easy, fast and convenient. Take JD for an example. I place an order in the morning, it reaches the destination in the afternoon. Online shopping saves time and money on transportation....

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