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PosterFriendly Badninton MatchComputer deparment VS English departmentTime:at 3:00pm,on saturday,September 8thPlace:on the school gymnasiumSponsor:Department of sports and culturePlease contact the student union for booking, (a

中文: 浙江警察学院: 兹定于2009年1月1日晚7时整在杭州市香格里拉酒店2楼宴会厅举行元旦舞会,谨邀XXX,届时请着正装,恭请您的光临. 邀请人:Mr&Mrs Jones

Dear XXX, We shall great appreciate it if you can attend our school seminar. We'll discuss the working of Shakespeare on April 25th. All of us do hope you can come and make a speech. We are looking forward to seeing you.

Dear Professor Alfas Cater,It's my honour to cordially invite you to attend International Conference of Management of Science and Application, which will be held at Chengdu,Sichuan, P.R.China on January 5,2014. 添加内容:会议简介、被邀请人

Dear xxx:Tomorroe is my birthday.Would you like to my birthday party?I am sure we will have fun.Please write to me soon. Thank you yours XXX

Hello ,There will a happy new year gala be held to celebrate the new coming year.I am sincerely you could come to the gala.It will be opened on 2:30p.m ,the last day of the year .See you the yours

Invitation letterDear Sirs,Here with, we xxx Company would like to invite the following persons of association "被邀请公司名称" to visit our works in China.The visit will take place from 起始日期 to 终止日期 for 10 days (假如是十天的话)The

Hi Jim:We are planning on to drive to the beach on the weedends and we have an spare seat.Want to come with us if you have time?It would be so much fun and since we

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