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书 book 早上好 Good morning 猫 cat 谢谢 Thank 小汽车 A car

i am liuhua,i invite you to my home on saturday afternoon at get-together with a few friends, hope you receiving early reply.

No.6,Industrial Park Nanqu,Changping District.Beijing City.

Exercising one hour every day, health, happiness life in 50 years.

"Narnia" about itMovie "narnia" tells a story, in the period of world war ii, four live in London child Peter and Susan, edmond and Lucy, was sent to the country and a old professor home asylum. One day, four people in playing hide and seek,

The voices of the whispering autumn know, tears feeling heart know, hopefully my sincere blessings, let you feel joy and delight, not not possible, don't want to impossible, just think you can be happy.

I prefer to have your items; she had bought the most expensive coat shop; tank less than before in saving money a lot of money; Harry Potter books more interesting than the story; his garden more than Jack's bad The.

Some parents rent close by hotel during the colledge entrance exams to accompany their children. is this neccessary for them to do so? 75% of the students think this is wasting money and does not help, yet, makes them even more nervous; rest of


To introduce today's class by reviewing the nursery rhyme "the Finger Family" , which was taught last class.或者译为: Review the nursery rhyme " the Finger Family " , which was taught last class and then introduce today's class. | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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