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1 我们到机场时,飞机已经起飞了 When we arrived at the aieport,the plane had already taken-off. 2 他们从来都没有收到过他们预定的书 They had never receive the book which they booked. 3 他昨天没有还我那本书,他还没看完 The book which

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"With the basic medical insurance for urban residents spread, China's health insurance coverage also will be expanded, the hospital is only through standardization of the medical insurance management system, providing for the insured patient

先分解句子找出主语谓语等然后逐一翻译要注意句式特点和固定句式及英语的逻辑 建议平时多读英语培养一下语感

I believe that each one has a sitting university beautiful dream, I am no exception.About here, I have found that universities are colorful, and anyone can here at the university to show their talent we have officially become college students, and it is time

1 have a good time have fun enjoy your time enjoy oneself2 like sth love sth3 like to do/ like doing be willing to do4 take care of sb look after sb attend to sb

isn't是反问的意思,意思是“不是吗” 翻译是:先解释怎么想的或许更容易,不是吗?

Known for its mechanism, to manage enterprise flexible, have greater autonomy, and management staff recruitment, salary system, employee dismissal, etc have larger and activity, make it in high quality and human resources for the state-owned | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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