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好好说话我们还是朋友 翻译英语

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Although we have a different character but we are still good friends intention

All of them are my good friends.(他们有3个或以上) Both of them are my good friends.(他们有2个)

你那句不对,只能说Thank you for sth./doing sth.因为...感谢你 Thank you, my friend.谢谢你,我的朋友.

对应的英语: Are we still good friends?

a good friend

A friend is a lifetime friend. Indeed, a good friend has an important role in people's life, will have important effect to the life. But friends there are good and bad, so we need to pay attention to distinguish. In life, some ...

Jane is my friend. She is 9 years old. She is tall with big eyes and blond hair. She comes from America. She speaks very good English but her Chinese is very poor. She likes music. Whenever she has time, she will listen to musi...

But I would like to say that I treat you as my friend ,the best one ,and what about you?

Good friends are like that, as long as sincere to each other will last forever, because be friend, because the trust each other

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