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My mother is a teacher 那妈做什么的?老师I was at home.你昨天在哪?在家

2.My hobby is listening music.(我的爱好是听音乐)3.My father's hobby is playing sports.(我爸爸的爱好是做运动)4.My mother is a teacher.(我的妈妈是一名教师)5.I ususlly do my homework on Sunday.(我经常在周日做我的作业) 6.I'm a student.(我是一名学生)7.By his car.(开他的车)

1,lt's on the desk.2,it's on the bed.3,it's green.4,Yes,I can.

I am seventeen years old.My favorite month is February.I am from China.

(1)In 567 Main Street.(2)About one km.(3)By bus.(4)Chinese.(5)Miss Zhang.(6)Six lessons

I live in Henan,China.My hometown is next to Xi'an.My favorite place in my neighborhood is Xi'an.Because there are many places of interest in Xi'an,such as Mountain Hua,Bell Tower,Music Fortain and so on.I can get here by bus,by train.I want to try to ride a bike if possible.It must be very fun.


1 where is his bed ? mother likes beoccoli.

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