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美国遍地都是是汽.尽管一些家庭还没有车,但有很多的家庭却拥有两辆甚至更多的车.在美国车不仅代表着舒适,更是是生活中必不可少的一部分. 车经常应用在商务活动上.那些没有其他方法去上班的工人们就只好开车去办公室或工厂去上

Have mass to examine and verify technological process:Should be reported to the quality tube headquarter meterage group immediately when measurement equipment deflects standard state,the quality tube headquarter should be on the march in

您好!1.when he was stealing in the supermarket. 2.I am the one who he mentioned 3.the patient take a examination again 4.My computer is objecting 5.According to the ability of students 望您采纳,谢谢您的支持!

这种情况与AT & T ,其中说,违反受影响的只是其中之一,其服务器,一台机器,这是预定要采取的小康线,无论如何. AT & T公司说,它有固定的问题.

Simple words have their own simple pleasures. the long absent sound of reading seems to waving at ears. The textbook illustrations at our time gave us a very simple and natural feeling, the prudent and thrifty, honest and kind-hearted stories in the

一个吃饭不给钱的镜头 Soapy 没有放弃.他进入了一家名字一般的餐厅,想要一点东西吃,他没有钱. 他很快的想出了个办法,"在一张桌子旁他坐下吃了牛排,小煎饼,油炸圈和派." 吃完一顿丰盛的饭后,他告诉侍者他一点钱也没有. "马上

Translation is to use a language to another language express ideas exactly and completely once again expressed in language practice activities. It reflects a language learner language comprehensive ability. As the Chinese and English two

Mystay was complimented by excellent selection at breakfast time served to you byhappy smiley staff who were always ready to accommodate with coffee to my roomand sorting out my laundry.was complimented by 被称赞serve to 适用;有用;足够

Let me see the concept of labor market, labor market is an important part of the market system. The labor market information can help us understand what is working for us, what is the ability to work in good prospects for development, where can I

One's achievement depends on whether his habits are good or bad. Good habits can bring you to heaven while bad ones can send you to the hell. Since habits are so impotant for our life, it becomes more important for us to develop good habits and

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